The Ford F-150 Lightning of 2024 is no match for the GMC Sierra EV of 2024.

Recently, GMC debuted the all-new 2024 Sierra EV, an electric pickup truck that is expected to dominate the market.

This electric pickup truck completely eclipses Ford's latest F-150 Lightning in terms of range, off-roading prowess, and other amazing specifications.

It features an astounding 905 horsepower engine and a torque rating of 13,000 lb-ft, and it has more than twice the range of the Lightning.

A 360-degree camera system with surround-view and automatic emergency braking are only two of the high-tech safety measures included.

It is also one of the most potent electric pickups on the market thanks to its four independent battery packs, which allow it to go up to 480 miles on a single charge.

When compared to Ford's offering, the F-150 Lightning looks feeble and unremarkable, while the GMC Sierra EV's cutting-edge features put it light years ahead.